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Essentials of CV writing

    Writing a CV seems like the simplest tasks of all time but not everyone knows that to create your CV you need to invest a lot of time. We live in a world where we are picked up for an interview by the peculiarity and the seemingness of our CV’s. After all, your […]

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Free Business Skills Workshop

We always strive towards giving our students the best academic skills which will also prepare them for the corporate world. This time, we have focused on the business skills that are required to organise and display data. The workshop will be based on Microsoft Office Tools, MS PowerPoint, MS Word and MS Excel. This will […]

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Quick guide to improve your English

            We do understand that most students face difficulty while speaking in English. Hence, we thought of helping you with some basic steps and ideas to improve your English. Follow these steps on a daily basis and your confidence level will rise to a level that no one could ever […]

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