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We do understand that most students face difficulty while speaking in English. Hence, we thought of helping you with some basic steps and ideas to improve your English. Follow these steps on a daily basis and your confidence level will rise to a level that no one could ever imagine. The fun part is that these activities are out of your study area but will improve your English overall.

Step No 1:  Don’t learn words, learn sentences

It’s unfortunate that most people try to learn words by heart to improve their vocabulary but little do they have an idea of how to use them in a sentence. That’s where the problem starts. Memorisation of words is one of the most common ways but it’s always best for a short term. Understanding statements and using those words in a sentence sounds more professional.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about being grammatically incorrect and learning sentences helps you learn different ways of using a word in any sentence.

Let’s look at an example: to admire = to respect the value of something or someone

  • I admire my boss for his time management skills.
  • He shows admiration towards his boss for his time management skills.


Step No 2: Watch TV shows 


How interesting, right?  English shows are one of the best ways to understand, listen and learn. You can always pause, rewind and hear it all again. From pronunciations, expressions to exploring new words, watching these shows are beneficial in every way to improve your English.

We found out an interesting list for you to bookmark and get started with watching some shows.


Step No 3: Read the news



Today, we all have access to the news on our Tabs, Computers and Phones. It doesn’t seem difficult to read at least one article per day while travelling or before going to bed. You can always spend a little extra time to improve your English. You can always long on to various news sites like ABC, The Age or SMH.


Step No. 4: Try to have conversations


The best way to improve your English is to talk to people and accept reviews. Debate and discuss amongst each other. The more reviews you get, the better will your English be. Don’t be scared to make mistakes. There’s a saying which goes like, “You always learn from your mistakes”. Go ahead, make a conversation. Keep your talking speed to a minimal and think before you speak. Like mentioned earlier, try to get the grammar right and don’t try to translate directly from your language. If you are shy and don’t want to talk upfront, you can always join chat rooms, forums and communities.


Step 5: Don’t give up!

Life is learning experience, stay positive and don’t give up on improving your English. Improvement will take place slowly and you have to keep following these steps and working hard. The day you make these tips a habit, you will excel in the language. If you have any queries, our team at Mercury Institute Of Victoria is always ready to help. 🙂

Good Luck!


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